An Open Letter to the One I Lost

Dear to someone I’ve almost have but I lost,

It was 2009 when the first time I saw you in our school library. I was with my bestfriend studying and you were with your group of friends. I remember you and my bestfriend belong to one organization that is why you know him. You and your friend asked him something about your concerns in your organization. At first, you did not really catch my attention for I was busy that time studying Math 100 (Calculus) and Econ 11 (Elementary Economics). I just smiled at you and to your friends too.

The next time I saw you was when your organization conducted an elections for the net school year. I was there hoping to be part of the set of officers of the organization. But I did not expect that you will be there too. We were both elected as officers but sad to say, I felt the same feeling when the first time I saw you: nothing spectacular.

On the third time, it was May of 2010, when we have an org meeting at our co-officer’s boarding house. That was the time that you already caught my attention when you opened up your suggestions about the design for our org uniforms. That was also the time when I saw your face closely, noticed how beautiful you are. From then, I tried to ask you some questions to know you more.

But it doesn’t end there; it was actually the beginning of something new. The day after the meeting, I received a text message coming from an unrecognized number. I replied to the message, asking if who owns the number. At first you said that you are my secret admirer (I don’t have any proof right now to show that you sent it because it was 6 years ago, phones getting evolved too, haha!), but I know it was a joke. I tried to know if who really you are but in the end, you gave up. You just introduced who you are and whom did you get my number. And that was the start of something new that I am saying.

We’ve been friends since that day: we talked on the phone like we were bestfriends and we teased each other on text like we were classmates. That time I made a realization: Am I starting to like you? Because everytime I saw your name on my inbox, I can’t stop myself from smiling. You were my mood booster everytime I feel strange. But I stopped thinking about it because I don’t want to be unfair with you. That time, I was trying to court my high school classmate that I like. But I failed to get her sweetest yes. Maybe it was a wake up call for me that I need to let her go.

From then I tried to divert my attention, and there was you who makes me feel happy everytime I feel sad, who cheers me up everytime I feel down and who inspires me everytime I discouraged. It continued until you already feel that I am liking you. I know you don’t mean to do it but I can feel it that you are trying to avoid me. I did not force the issue because we just know each other for a year that time and I don’t want to break any connections that we established.

I knew that time that I don’t have any chance to be your boyfriend at all but I did not gave up. I said to myself that though I did not started to court you but with your actions towards me, I knew I will be failed. That is why I realized, I need to prove to you that I am worthy to be someone whom you will love. After I graduated from college, I made myself more serious. I searched for jobs, I tried to improve myself by engaging in sports and  I tried to catch again your attention. April of 2013, I got my first job. You were one of the few people I told that I got the job. At first I thought you didn’t care since who am I to you? But I was wrong; you were happy to know it and you also shared to me that you also applied for the job similar to me but on our competitor. I can remember that you were excited to inform me that you saw me at my cage from outside, doing my task that time. I was curious if how did you saw me since the glass door is tinted. But nevertheless you made me smile.

The following month, you informed me that you were hired by the company you applied at. I was happy and excited for you that time, like I was your real beau. From that time, we shared experiences about our job, about the clients and about everything. I never realized that we were getting back the days that we were enjoying the company of each other as friends. We continued this kind of relationship, despite of many changes happened to me. That time, I was ready to confess to you about what I really feel for you. I realized that it was time already since I got what I need before I engaged to that stage of life. But fear held me in to say it to you. I was afraid that if I confessed to you, I will broke our friendship. I kept it for a long time and maintained the friendship.

As days passed by, we made our friendship stronger until I was confidently asked you to fetch you from office, to visit you in your branch and to get from your house to office. Though it is not usual for friends, but I was thankful that you didn’t feel awkward. Sometimes, you bought me foods so that while on the road, I have something to eat. And it made me ashamed since I was the guy and I didn’t bought a food for a girl.

One day, you invited me to attend an occasion in your house. I didn’t hesitant to say yes since you insisted me to go there. When I got there, I felt awkward because I knew that I was just your friend and you introduced me to your family as your friend but your family will not believe that for me, you were just a friend. But luckily, I felt comfortable as time passed by. Your mom and I were already having a conversation, asking me about myself sha shared to me about you. That time she asked me a favor to have a dinner with you and your family but I told your mom that I still have work tomorrow and I need to prepare my things to tomorrow.

Seven days after that occasion, something happened to us. We were exchanging messages through text and I tried to ask you if I can fetch you in your office. At first you said yes but after awhile, you told me to go ahead since you will have a dinner with your friends. I was texting my other bestfriend, told him that I felt bad about what you told me. But sent it to you instead to him. You tried to ask me why I felt bad but I didn’t answer. I asked some help of my friends because I really don’t know how to explain to her. Until such time, I realized maybe it is the time to tell you the truth. I asked you where are you because I will go there because I will tell you something important. When I arrived there, I didn’t waste any time, I asked you to have a talk with you and I told you everything. You said you are not closing your doors to me but you can’t give your answer to me right now. I said I am willing to wait even if I need to wait longer.

Two days after I confessed, you texted me. You told me that you’ve realized something about us. After you contemplated and meditated, you said first that we were just friends. I did not know what to say because in few minutes, we will going to open doors for our clients. I just said that I respect your decision but I am here willing to wait. You responded and said we will can be friends as of now. I can’t stop myself but to cry for reading the message. I don’t know how to react but that time I felt mad for not recognizing my efforts.

It all boiled down there. After I felt mad at you, I changed a lot, especially in my personality. I was not in myself that I knew when you were still with me. I was a changed man that time. I tried to reach out to you, talked to you but nothing happened. Until I decided to ask some “Closure” with you. I thought it is enough ti heal the wound, but I was wrong. That “Closure” for me was supposed to be a new beginning for us but it didn’t meant to happen. Months after, I found out that you have already a boyfriend. I was hurt, felt that I was unlucky and stupid. I tried to blame myself for letting you feel like that towards me and never fight for you.

I cut all my connection with you, thinking that I will save myself from the pain. I unfollowed you in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to forget everything. I deleted all of your photos with me except for the prom pic. I guess I have already moved on. I was open to share that experience with my new friends and tried to make fun of it.But something happened that made me realized that I was still in loved with you.

Days before I took my entrance exam for Graduate studies, I met my former professor who is a good friend of mine. I told me that you were one of the exam takers who asked for his help. I cleared it to him if it is you or not but still, he mentioned your name. I wanted to quit because I am not ready to see you but since it is my plan to have a higher degree, I just told myself that you are just a fellow alumni to my eyes. Yes, we saw each other in the venue but I tried to avoid you. After the exam, I was waiting for my other friends who also took the exam outside the girl’s CR when all of the sudden, you went out from the room. I was unprepared to see you but I showed no reaction. You smiled at me and after that, you congratulated me. I never mind it since as what I have said, you were just a fellow alumni to me. But it never ended there: we both passed the exam and sad to say for me, we were classmates. I don’t know how to react but I just faced the consequence.

As time passes by, I realized, I never totally moved on from you. I tried to deny but hey, I am fooling myself and not other people. I accepted the fact that you are still on my mind and heart. No one can replace you here in my heart, even the prettiest girl that I met everyday in my office. I am aware that you are really in love with your boyfriend but I just got confused everytime we were together. We still do the things that we are doing before like texting, teasing each other and sometimes there are actions that I have a different interpretations everytime you do it to me. I keep on asking myself if do you also like me before? If not, you do appreciate my efforts not as a friend but as someone who is special to you? Because if to observe, you have a different reaction everytime we are together. I don’t get the meaning but I just want to tell you that I am happy that you are doing it to me.

I wrote this blog not to make you realize that you are wrong to choose to break my heart or to ruin your current status. I wrote this to express what I am feeling right now. I admit I still love you. But I am trying to avoid you for your happiness because I know I cannot give all the happiness that you are feeling right now. I am happy that you are happy right now with your boyfriend. But I want to ask you one favor: Can you please make me clear what we are really right now. Ano ba talaga ako sa’yo? Saan ba ako lulugar? Ginusto mo din ba ako, o sadyang kaibigan lang? Kasi paulit-ulit akong nasasaktan sa tuwing magkasama tayo at habang magkalapit tayo sa’yo parang wala lang. Bakit ba hindi naging tayo? May mali ba sa akin?

Sana maramdaman mo na nasasaktan ako sa tuwing naaalala ko na napaka gago ko para hayaan kang mapunta sa iba. Kasi akala ko magiging tayo na, yun pala ako ay tanga. 

To end, I just want to tell you that I am still waiting for a miracle to happen. I am not hoping that you will love me back but I am waiting for a miracle that you and me will still be together.

Hope you Read My Beautiful Promise!






To your boyfriend,

Please take care of my queen. Don’t take her for granted like what I did before. I will do my best to win her heart if you did it to her.


Does IT Really Matter?

In my previous blog, I shared how important IT in my daily activities. I mentioned also how IT changed my perception about life since we are now on the modern era. Now I was asked: Does IT really matter? My answer is: IT really matters!

To support my answer, IT made a huge difference in my routines especially in work. Through IT, there are tasks that supposedly be done through manual works but can be done easier since there are IT tools that can help me to make it easier. And these IT tools are mostly I’ve learned from my Mgt 286 class. The use of Microsoft Excel and its shortcuts helps me shorten the time that can be eaten up on making transactions than doing it the usual tasks, like computing the total amount of checks, total amount of trasactions of a client, etc. Also, it gives me also the idea of having our own ISSP in our family business to make sure that the records are safe and can be easily pulled out if needed.

Not only the use of IT tools is the only thing that I’ve learned why IT really matters to me. Social Media and connections with others are also the few things that I can consider that IT really matters to me. With Social Media, making and strengthening the connections with other people is very important nowadays since it is very impossible for people to meet personally. Included in using Social Media is the responsibility of proper handling of the accounts which is very crucial nowadays. Any mistake of using Social Media might loss the essence of connections of people trough Socail Media.

Now, without IT in our daliy routine, will life be like this? Will be our life more advanced and progressive if there is no IT? Now the question is “Does IT Really Matter to you?”

Sana Mabuti Sila: The Effects of Social Media in the Society

Social Media is one of the tools nowadays to make people connected despite of distance. Families getting closer, friends extending networks and work getting easier because of Social Media. Before, chatrooms are very popular to people since even those people you don’t know can talk to you: get to know, talk constantly and eventually have a good relationship. But when the time Friendster penetrate the market, a lot of teenagers hooked to this site. In this site they can express their feelings and emotions, artistry and intelligence. After that, Facebook intervenes the popularity of Freindster, giving way to the people to show their true identity. Facebook becomes popular until Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and some Social Networking Sites joined the bandwagon.

Socail Media and its purpose to the society

There are advantages and disadvantages of using social media sites. But for me, let me enumerate how social media helped me positively on my personal growth. Social media helped me reconnect with my friends that I seldom see and go out with. It is human nature to forget some of our friends that we seldom see because we don’t have means on how we can see them. But through Social Media, it shortens the distance that hinders us to reconnect with friends. Also, social media helps me to make myself updated on what is happening in the society. It doesn’t mean that if you are using Twitter you are chismoso or chismosa; I get some updates through Twitter about my favorite volleyball teams, favorite league, and even weather updates. Though there is a negative connotation about Tiwtter but I guess I become more updated. Social Media helped not only me but also the places where I visited. I uploaded my vacation pictures, shown to my friends and promoted it to them. I know there is no return if I promote it but the fact that I helped them, it is already a payment for the delight feeling that they gave it to me when I was there in their place.


Aside from my personal development, Social Media helped me in my career growth. Through Facebook and Instagram, it helped me to know some of my co-employees in our company: their background, their lifestyle and their attitude outside work. Also, it helped to become more upated about the opportunities that can help me grow as a professional individual. It leads me to the direction that I wanted to take since you are spreading your life to the wider scope of reality.


But using Social Media is no exception to responsibility. Once you have accounts, you are given the responsibilty to promote fairness and justice and not self-interest and selfishness. I must admit sometimes I became tactless and got stupid in posting on Social Media. It leads to misunderstanding and quarrel with some of my bestfriends because of being irresponsible. The recent conflict that I have with one of my bestfriends is about my insensitive posts on social media. Though I know it is wrong but I stand with what I have posted because it is also my responsibilty. So here are my commitments in using Social Media sites:
1. Check whether your post is useful or it can destroy the connections.- We tend to neglect the content of our post that sometimes it will either make or break us. We can say it is okay because it reads nothing but we never thought that it will be a different interpretation to other readers. Careful with the words to use in posting because we will never know how other people will give a meaning to it.;



2. Choose wisely your friends to add, to follow you and to be followed.– Having friends on social media is a different thing than having friends personally. We never know their real identity if we based on the information they have posted in their accounts. Be careful to your friends in Social Media because we will never know, they are pulling you down, or worst, they are killing you little by little. As the saying goes, “Keep your circle small and keep your beer cold.” So know the person that you are adding better for your own good.;


3. No to Cyberbullying Always- They say friendship without bullying is boring. Yes somehow it is true for as long as you and your friends know that it is not a harsh bullying. It is just a joke that it will never hurt someone’s feelings. But Cyberbullying? It is a big NO! Anyone can see what you have posted, and if you bully a person, it will give a wrong impression to the victim. Think of the psychological effects that will affect the behavior of the victim if you bully him or her in the social media. Joking will be less offensive but cyberbullying is somehow a criminal offense. So be careful in cracking jokes.;


4. Respect Others Especially Their Posts- You are free to like, to share, and to comment to the posts of others. But arguing their posts to be pleasing to your eyes is a different story. Be respectful to other people because we don’t know the story behind of that post. Also, respect others not only their posts but also their personality. Respect individualism of people since everyone is not the same. Don’t be a racist, judgemental and boastful in your posts.; and lastly


5. Be Positive. – Do not bring your arguments in social media. Better face your problem if you have problems with another person. Don’t let your anger push you to post your sentiments on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and regret in the end. Positive posts can help other also to be uplifted. If you are mad and feel angry, better not use your social media accounts.


So here are my commitments in using my social media accounts. From time to time, I will check this list to know whether I am following it or not. I will do my best to change myself in using these accounts.

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Snatched Property: Software Privacy as a Headache to Software Companies

Piracy- defined as copying someone’s creation without permission from the creator. It is taking someone’s output without the consent of replicating it especially if it is copyrighted. Nowadays, many things can be pirated already. Movies, songs, books, or even computer softwares can already be pirated by some experts. Some would say pirated products are better than buying the original ones since the former is less expensive than the latter. Especially in the Philippines, where the salary is not enough to sustain the people’s needs and wants, they are forced to buy pirated products to satisfy what they want. People will also say that this is just for one time use and it is not practical to buy the original things. Because of these concepts, the problem of these companies are getting bigger and bigger that they cannot do some effective actions to lessen it. Though the government is doing some actions on how to cure this problem, but people behind the piracy is more intelligent than the intellects in the government. So how can we solve the issue? Do we need to erase these people behind piracy so that no one can practice piracy?
Let us go back to the root of the issue: Poverty and People’s way of living. As mentioned, people are doing this dirty practice because they cannot afford to buy original stuffs. Nowadays, technology is evolving to the point when all its inclusions are also evolving. Because of this, software programs must be upgraded in order to catch up to the trend. The latest that you have, the expensive you can get. If a person cannot have a latest software programs to their gadgets, they will get out from the limelight, and being in the trend is more important to people. People must know their limitations: they must be aware of what they are buying in order to avoid having budget shortages. If their gadgets need a software and they cannot afford the software, maybe they can skip it first, save for all the things needed for the gadget, and that is the time to buy the gadget. Do not force yourself to buy things that you cannot afford. You will end up sacrificing your own needs for the sake of the original software. For the employers of those working people, they must be aware that prices of needs and wants are increasing and the demands of people are increasing also. They must put an addition to the salaries of their employees to satisfy their needs and wants. We are not leaving in stone-age era that you will pay your employees a cheaper salary. They must put a justifiable increase to avoid these people to buy pirated products. Lastly, for software companies, they must also think that the income of the people is not uniform. If they think that the price is just since there are people who can afford to buy, they must also think that there are people who have less income and cannot afford to spend much money. What if these software companies can do price discrimination so that they can avoid software pirates to produce replicates. Price discrimination is the act of setting lower prices to the product so that those who cannot afford to buy a product can have also. Like for example for books, printing press produces some soft bound copies so that those who cannot afford to buy the hard bound copies can also have. In software, companies can also do this strategy in order for them to solve the issue. They can eliminate some specifications in the expensive ones to discriminate it to those who cannot afford. At least, they are still the one who produced it and not a pirated one.
With the call of innovation and advancement, people cannot avoid to do some such dirty acts just to be in the trend. As this situation is trying to eat the minds of people, piracy will always snatch the property of the original maker of the product.

Know your Edge: Knowledge Management and You

Knowledge management is one of tools in Information Technology that can be used by organization in preserving the knowledge and information of the organization. It is how the organization will manage its data and information needed without having big costs to ponder. But how can an organization manages it? Is there really need for managers to put an attention for this tool?

Our organization can benefit from Knowledge Management since turnover in banks are quick as to compare to other fields. With Knowledge Management, it is easy to train new employees if someone leaves in the organization. Also, it will not have the hard time for the companies or organization to recover information needed for the operations since there are tools used through Knowledge Management.

But if there are better benefits, Knowledge Management doesn’t guarantee organizations that is safer. There are downsides that Managers usually predict it that pushes them not to include Knowledge Management in their system. For one the competition of every companies. Some managers will think that passing the knowledge from one person to another will cause them more because managers will think that employees will disclose some confidential information about their operations to their competitors. Also, the threats on information technology is also one factor that hinders managers to implement Knowledge Management to their organization. Lastly, Knowledge Management can be differently interpreted from the source to the recipient of the information.

As the saying goes “Knowledge is Power buy Knowledge sharing is empowerment”, it means that if people share knowledge, they have also given the authority and responsibility for that information and knowledge. They must be responsible on how to value and how to protect on what they have known. That is why knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment.

The Better Influencer: Business Intelligence Tools and People

Have you ever encountered the term “Business Intelligence Tools”? Are you familiar what is it? What if this will be implemented in your organization and in your workplace, will you embrace it with open arms?
Today, many organizations are adopting the more advanced technologies to improve productivity  and services to their clients. One of these innovations is Business Intelligence Tools. But because some organizations still have members who are learning to embrace technology in their life, they have the difficulty to adopt Business Intelligence Tools in their operation. The question is how will the organization encourage the people to use BI tools? This is the challenge for the managers to their organization.
So how can we encourage people to use this modern tools to productivity? Managers must introduce the BI tools to the organization. They must conduct trainings, whether classroom or laboratory trainings, to give ideas to the people. Little by little, managers must inject the BI tools to the system so that they will not shock to the system. Lastly, managers will totally use BI tools once people are more familiar now with BI tools.
What if people resist to embrace this idea? What will managers do to solve the issue? Rewards or punishments do not encourage people to learn and embrace, hence, it triggers people to do it. What managers must do is to patiently encourage its people to learn it and embrace it. It doesn’t need to bribe its constituents to learn the BI tools but it needs more understanding and patience.
For the managers, money or rewards are just instrument to motivation. What people really need is spiritual motivation and encouragement to make these people more productive.

O, Shopping!

In this time, people nowadays want their activities to do faster. Shopping is one of these activities that people are trying to do more convenient without consuming a lot of time. Because of this, people are doing it online because it is easily to access.

There are pros and cons in doing this such activity. Consumers will not consume more time falling in line in the counter, getting themselves in crowded area and travelling under the heat of the sun just to purchase items in malls. They can spend a lot of time to themselves to do their personal activities. But because of this also, it will be prone to purchasing defective, low quality products or sometimes it will lead to scam. Consumers cannot test the items and cannot select other options.

There are items that for me, safe to sell online. No need to check quality of the items since consumers are sure that it is safe. Some of these are books, stuffed toys and magazines. People are assured that there are no defects in these items. There are also items that people are doubting whether they will purchase it online or not. Some of these are clothes, shoes and bags. The reason is that consumers want to test the quality of the items since they will be using it everyday and they want to become more comfortable while wearing it. They want to make sure the fit must be exact to them. But there are also items that people are hesitate to buy online. Some of these are appliances, gadgets, and accessories and jewelries. These items are prone to theft and lost and couriers are not liable to what will happen to the product as it will arrived to the consumers. Also, they must be sure of the quality since these are expensive items.

Consumers must be careful in purchasing online. This will be for the welfare of everyone especially for the first-time purchasers. Let’s enjoy shopping with care.